Charge Donald J. Trump for Inciting Violence

Donald J. Trump has built a political platform around xenophobia, racism, and divisive rhetoric. He launched his campaign with his outrageous insults towards Latinos, and followed that up with a steady stream of derogatory remarks targeting a wide variety of minority groups. From attacks on women to discriminatory policies against Muslims, we’ve become accustomed to the extremely dangerous nature of Trump’s growing movement.

But regardless of Trump’s dangerous political platform, his recent behavior has crossed the line. In the past few weeks, Trump has repeatedly encouraged his supporters to violence. It’s only a matter of time before even more people get hurt.

The first reported incidents of violence at Trump rallies involved peaceful protesters practicing their First Amendment rights. But it didn’t just end there. Members of the media and others who don’t agree with Trump’s agenda were beaten, pushed, and spit upon. In one incident, Trump even offered to pay the legal fees of one of his supporters who punched a protester in North Carolina.

Section 2101 of the federal law on Crimes and Criminal Procedure is clear: by going from state to state and expressly encouraging violence, Trump is guilty of inciting a riot.

We believe Donald Trump must be stopped before this spirals further. That’s why we’re gathering signatures calling on the Attorney General to charge Mr. Trump with inciting violence on a mass scale. It’s time he becomes accountable for the outrageous nature of his campaign.

Sign our petition today calling on the Attorney General to charge Trump for inciting violence: